Centennial exhibition

The striking shape of the Wendelstein has always attracted nature lovers, adventurers and explorers, including scholars, geographers and meteorologists, poets and painters. Even Bavaria’s King Max, the father of the famous King Ludwig II of Bavaria, graced the Wendelstein with a visit. The first visitor accommodation in the Bavarian Alps, the Wendelsteinhaus , was built on the Wendelstein in 1882/83. Several years later this was followed by the Wendelstein Church .

The development of the Wendelstein

The most exciting era in the history of the mountain began around the turn of the century when Germany’s first alpine railway was built on the Wendelstein. An exhibition in the basement of the Wendelsteinhaus provides an insight into this interesting period in the history of the mountain. Impressive photographs document in particular the spectacular construction of the cog railway between 1910 and 1912. The exhibition also includes technical drawings, tools and a film about the history and things to see and do on the Wendelstein . Only in German. Free admission.