Wheelchairs on the Wendelstein

Cog railway in Brannenburg

Disabled parking is signposted in the car park from where there is stair-free access to the checkout area. Please present your disabled badge to obtain the current discount. There is a wheelchair-accessible restroom in the valley station. A Euro-WC key is needed to use the WC. A ramp is available to access the train (double railcar). Ramp width: 80 cm. Our staff would be happy to assist with getting in and out of the train although accompaniment and assistance of a carer/specialist is mandatory. Please follow the instructions issued by the transport crew when getting in and out of the train. A maximum of two standard wheelchairs can be transport in each double railcar. We would therefore suggest that groups of wheelchair users use the cable car in Bayrischzell-Osterhofen for operational reasons. Due to the construction of the carriages, we regret that it is impossible to transport wheelchair-users in the nostalgic carriages of the Wendelstein cog railway.

Cable car in Bayrischzell-Osterhofen

Lifts at the valley station as well as the mountain station enable wheelchair-users to access the cable car cabin with ease. Max. permitted total weight: 200 kg. Max. wheelchair length: 100 cm / Max. width: 75 cm

Wendelstein mountain station (1,724 m):

Wheelchair-accessible toilets are located at the mountain station of the cog railway. The mountain restaurant and the large viewing terrace are located at ground level and are wheelchair-accessible. The Summit and Panoramic Trail passes over high-alpine terrain and, as such, is unsuitable for wheelchairs.