Timetable Cog Railway


A return trip to the summit!

Here are the Summer and Winter Timetables for the Wendelstein Cog Railway in Brannenburg.

The arrival and departure times at the request stops at Mitteralm (1.200m) and Aipl (980 m) are of particular interest to hikers who wish to walk certain sections of the route on foot.

Please refer to our up-to-date operating information

Cog railway / Ascent from Brannenburg valley station (daily from 01.05. to 04.11.2018)
Valley station (departure)9.0010.0011.0012.0013.0014.0015.00
Aipl (request stop)9.1010.1011.1012.1013.1014.1015.10
Mitteralm (request stop)9.1510.1511.1512.1513.1514.1515.15
Mountain station (arrival)9.2510.2511.2512.2513.2514.2515.25


Cog railway / Ascent from Brannenburg valley station (daily from 01.05. to 04.11.2018)
Mountain station (departure)9.5510.5511.5512.5513.5514.5515.55*17.00**
Mitteralm (request stop)10.0511.0512.0513.0514.0515.0516.05*17.10**
Aipl (request stop)10.1011.1012.1013.1014.1015.1016.10*17.15**
Valley station (arrival)10.3011.3012.3013.3014.3015.3016.30*17.30**


One-way journey time is approx. 30 minutes. The cog railway operates every half hour if required. The schedule is subject to weather restrictions. Automatic announcements on Tel. +49 (0) 80 34/308-111. Please refer to our up-to-date operating information !

The trains only stop at the Mitteralm (1,200 m) and Aipl (980 m) request stops to admit passengers if there is space in the carriages!

No seat reservations on the train.

Unscheduled special trains by agreement.

Disabled people are not entitled to free transport on this route in accordance with §§ 145 ff. SGB IX.

Explanation of symbols:

* Bus connection to the Wendelstein circular line at the valley station of the cog railway in Brannenburg. Daily service from around May to Nov.

** runs daily from 1 June to 30 September