© Claudia Hinz
© Peter Hofmann
Wendelsteinkirche vom Gipfel aus, © Claudia Hinz
Station Geologie in der Wendelsteinhöhle, © Peter Hofmann

Welcome to Mount Wendelstein in Upper Bavaria

The imposing silhouette of "Wendelstein" can already be discerned from a long way off. The striking mountain is 1838 m high and has become a popular destination of people's outings - by means of two different kinds of transport ascending from two opposite sides.

"Wendelstein" rack railway / cogwheels (Valley Station: Brannenburg)

From 1910 till 1912 Otto von Steinbeis constructed the first railway of this kind in the German Alps. It's hard to imagine today how 800 - predominantly Bosnian - workers succeeded at that time in building a railway route of 9,95 km: with seven tunnels, eight galleries, twelve bridges and costly retaining or supporting walls.
For more than 75 years the old locomotives and waggons had been running before they were replaced by new double-railcars. There are still two complete historical trains from the very beginnings of this railway which are sent on their way on special occasions.

"Wendelstein"cable car (Valley Station: Bayrischzell)

In the late sixties the good old railway could not satisfy any longer the rush on "Wendelstein". As a counterpart and supplement to the comfortable trains a modern and fast-going cable-car was built from Bayrischzell Osterhofen (southern side). Since 1969 the big cabins can take you up and down the mountain.

Fantastic panorama of the Alps

The look-out platform "Gacher Blick" (i.e. steep view) on the top station terrace offers you a beautiful view of the Central Alps; a panorama board explains the corresponding peaks. A well reinforced ascent of only 20 min leads from the top station to the real peak of Wendelstein (1838m). This view round is even more fantastic.

Wendelstein church

Since 1890 the romantic church has been crowning the "Schwaigerwand"(small aside peak). It's worth having a look inside - religious service is held regularly on summer Sundays. A dream for those who are eager to get married: a mountain wedding on "Wendelstein".

Wendelstein Cave

Germany's top show cave admits you 300 m into the mountains's bowels - impressive! Don't miss the so-called "Cold Trap", the "Cave Cathedral" and, most importantly, the four interactive infopoints explaining geology, biology and also the psychological and philosophical point of view. (Automatically revolving door - entrance 2 €, follow the sign posts "Höhle"). Opening period: May-Nov.

Tour of the top

With good shoes an easy and fascinating walk of about 1 hour. Difference in altitude about 150 metres.

GEO-PARK Wendelstein

250 million years of geological history. The emergence and formation of the Alps in particular is retold on 4 paths and 35 information boards altogether.

Astronomic observatory: at the summit.

"Wendelstein" Gastronomy

Mountain air makes you hungry and thirsty. A stop at the restaurant makes your day in the mountains a real event. A friendly restaurant at the bottom station offers you solid and good plain meals as well. And there's a kiosk at the cable-car bottom station with snacks for the small hunger.

"Wendelstein" Souvenirs

See: Kiosk at the top station, restaurant at the bottom station, kiosk at the cable-car bottom station.

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